Tuesday Type: Adios Script

image: Veer

Asking myself to choose one script typeface out of thousands was kind of a dumb thing... You see I love script fonts.  I spent the better part of last night trying to choose just one.  However,  I kept coming back to Adios Script by Sudtipos again and again.   It is  incredibly elegant and romantic yet has a wonderful human feel due to the huge variety of ornate letterforms.  This is what makes it so much fun to play with as a designer!  It's wonderful choice for wedding invitations, personal stationery, etc.  What's your favorite script typeface?


  1. ADIOS!!!! MY Favorite :) :) :)

  2. What a beautiful script! I'm not traditionally a huge script fan, I guess I've only been exposed to the not-so-good ones... This one is just lovely!

  3. Just in time for Valentines, award-winning Adios Script arrived to @myfonts with a 25% off discount for a Lted Time! http://t.co/bZvY43qj


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