Package Perfect : Nordstrom

I am loving the typography driven packaging for Nordstrom's hosiery products by Seattle based design firm Turnstyle!  Not being a hosiery wearer but being a bit of a typography nut I think I would buy these just for the packaging alone... it certainly wouldn't be the first time!

Tuesday Type: Eames


Eames Cover Numerals

Eames Frames

I pretty much adore anything Eames.  The iconic Eames lounge chair is number one on my furniture lust list.  So, you know my poor wallet is cursing this - an amazing typeface from House Industries that was inspired by the work of Charles and Ray Eames.  It's a bit pricey but well worth every penny.  Here's what you get: 26 fonts, 18-style text family with italics, 9 figure styles, 4 numeral fonts, 3 frame fonts, 1 smart ornaments font.  Whoa!  You can see more of it right here.

Friday Foto : Week #11

I guess I've had horses on the brain... last week there was this photo of a horse. And my daughter has been watching this movie all week.  There's something so eerie and beautiful about this photo that made me want to post it.  But I'm left wondering... how did they get this shot?  Is it Photoshop?  Is it a toy horse in a tub of milk?  I really have no clue.  Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend!

Photography : Vivian Maier


I recently discovered the amazing work of photographer Vivian Maier while visiting one of my favorite blogs {every}nothing wonderful.  Vivian Maier was a completely unknown artist at the time of her death a few years ago.  And if it hadn't been for John Maloof she might have stayed in obscurity (watch the video).  It's a very interesting story and her work is truly amazing.

Tuesday Type: Darjeeling

source: My Fonts

I'm not much of a tea drinker but I am loving Darjeeling - a beautiful typeface released earlier this year  by FaceType!  Love, love, love the so-called “Regnaments” (a combo of the ornaments and the regular type).  It has some great ligatures and text is actually quiet legible as well.  Available right here.

Design Crush: Gabriele Wilson

I was recently introduced to the work of designer Gabriele Wilson through these amazing chapbook cover designs she did for the Poetry Society of America.  Absolutely gorgeous!  You can see more of her work right here.

Friday Foto : Week #10

photo credits: 1, 2, 3

There's something about the tilt-shift effect that brings out the little kid in me... Um yeah, the one who is totally obsessed with anything miniature!  I'm afraid if I learn how to do this I may never take a "normal" photo again.

Tuesday Type: Verner

I am loving this new script typeface called Verner by Fenotype! It's elegant but still has a lovely hand-lettered feel to it. Verner also has some nice automatic ligatures, swash characters and ornaments. It is available right here.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this post...please leave a comment!

Friday Foto : Week #9

Happy Friday to you!  I hope you stay nice and warm this weekend!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this post...please leave a comment!

Color Inspiration 1

forest, ivory, flame, and peach
photo credit: Balazs Sprenc

Eichler Home perfection

I recently came across this amazing mid-century modern home tour on Apartment Therapy - see the entire tour on AP.  Anyway, I was blown away. If you appreciate mid-century modern design at all you will LOVE this home.  It is spectacular... Did I mention the furniture and art too? Oh. My. Goodness.

Tuesday Type: Hannah

I love Hannah.  Yes, that is a font... The complete family (just $40 and available here) has three weights: regular, extended, and condensed.  Used together or separately, they are amazing...

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