Tuesday Type: Memoriam Pro

images: MyFonts.com

I'm very excited to bring to this week's Tuesday Type as it is one of my favorite fonts in my collection... Memoriam Pro. Yes, you've probably heard of Memoriam since it debuted on the cover of The New York Times magazine in late 2008 (later available for sale in mid-2009). Unfortunately, while completely beautiful, it is somewhat illegible in smaller sizes (my one complaint). But now, by popular demand, Canada Type has come out with the Pro version, complete with three variants: outline, inline, and headline. Hurray for more choices!


  1. I really like this one, especially the outline and inline versions! Those E's are gorgeous :)

    I will definitely have a font post this week. Last week we were definitely slackers (except you of course!).

  2. This is so lovely. The delicate little flourishes paired with the bold body of each letter are killer. Off to buy it now!


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