Tuesday Type : Tilt

Tilt by Archive Type has been one of my go-to fonts for when something big and fun is called required. I just love it and all of the Archive Type fonts are so reasonably priced (almost all are about $20 each)! Don't expect much in the way of alternates and ligatures... but still, such a deal!

And be sure to check out Lauren Elise Crafted, Hank & Hunt, Little Bit Heart, Fourth & Folded, Aerialist Press, and Blush Printables (search #FontFriday on Twitter) for more font love! Last Friday there was no Font Friday (for a worthy cause)... but it's back this week!!

PS. What do you think the first image as an art print? The Super Swoon Print Shoppe opens this Saturday... I would love to hear your feedback on any items you'd would like to see there. Thanks!

Monday Moments : Not

Thou Shall Not Take Shit. So it is written, so it shall be.
From Taking Hits to Taking Shit (or not) I strive to bring you the
finest in Monday motivations - *wink*.
Happy Monday, people!

For Japan With Love

I will be participating in the For Japan With Love bloggers day of silence this Friday, March 18th. Please visit For Japan With Love for more information on how to donate.

Be Awesome art prints coming soon!

By popular demand... "Be Awesome" art prints are coming soon to our new Super Swoon Print Shoppe! If they do well I'll be adding new colors... Prints should be arriving later this month so stay tuned!!

Tuesday Type : NeoRetro

I'll be honest, my hand-lettering skills are not good. Not. At. All. So whenever I find an interesting typeface that can mimic the look, I go for it! This was no exception and not bad for a free font! NeoRetro comes with three variations: Draw (outline),  Fill, and Shadow. Get yours right here!

Please be sure to check out Lauren Elise Crafted, Hank & Hunt, Little Bit Heart, Fourth & Folded, Aerialist Press, and Blush Printables (or just follow #FontFriday on Twitter) for more font goodness on Fridays!

Monday Moments : Taking Hits

How much do I love this kinetic typography video from Kryptonite? Answer: A LOT! Sometimes you need a little tough love and who better to give it than Rocky Balboa. Kinda feeling the Rocky love... at the gym the other day they actually played "Eye of the Tiger" and it was awesome! But THIS is even better...

Happy Monday!

Tuesday Type : Dispeinada

This typeface is so much fun to play with! While Dispeinada by Edy Type lacks some of the lovely swashes and alternates as say, Adios Script, it definitely makes up for it in style. Everything just looks more chic and sophisticated with this font... see example above! It's available right here with a web font license included.

Side note: If you were wondering (or noticed) this is the same font I used for "Be Awesome".

For more font favorites check out these lovely fontophiles: Lauren Elise Crafted, Hank & HuntLittle Bit Heart, and Aerialist Press.

images: Super Swoon

Monday Moments : Listen Up

For this week's Monday Moments I bring to you one of my favorite songs: (Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding. It may seem like an unconventional choice for the topic but allow to me explain... when I listen to this song I feel good deep down. Hopefully you like it too but if not I encourage you to find "your song". Take a minute or two to listen and hopefully your day will start off on the right note...

A big thanks to everyone who pinned and re-posted last week's moment, "Be Awesome"!  So glad you liked it.

Happy Monday!

Friday Foto : Week #16

I love this photo of Marilyn... the tones and textures are amazing!

source unknown via here

Color Inspiration 9

I'm going totally nuts for this photo... the color, the fashion, the car, everything! Just gorgeous!

photo: Corrie Bond

Tuesday Type : Polen

I immediately fell in love with this week's Tuesday Type... it's called Polen. I had to buy it! Obviously this is a display typeface suitable for larger sizes only, otherwise you lose all the juicy details. Only gripe I have about this is that there should be a fill font... for example, the SUPER SWOON specimen above I had to turn the text into a live paint object and fill each little bubble individually. If you're just using this for simple monograms (which I intend to do) then no problemo... otherwise total pain in the rear (or index finger, with all the mouse clicking you'll be doing). Anyway, I would still buy it again... so beautiful!

For more font favorites check out my fellow enablers: Lauren Elise Crafted, Hank & HuntLittle Bit Heart, and Aerialist Press.

 image source: (top) me, (bottom) YouWorkForThem
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