Tuesday Type : Dispeinada

This typeface is so much fun to play with! While Dispeinada by Edy Type lacks some of the lovely swashes and alternates as say, Adios Script, it definitely makes up for it in style. Everything just looks more chic and sophisticated with this font... see example above! It's available right here with a web font license included.

Side note: If you were wondering (or noticed) this is the same font I used for "Be Awesome".

For more font favorites check out these lovely fontophiles: Lauren Elise Crafted, Hank & HuntLittle Bit Heart, and Aerialist Press.

images: Super Swoon


  1. I love it! I found one really similar that I am trying to identify, I am totally in love with the calligraphy/brush fat and thin combination!

  2. This is one of my favorite fonts, I've been thinking of buying it for months! I'd love to use it for a logo. I was looking through your other Tuesday Type posts today for inspiration for a project, so thanks for your help! :)

  3. Glad you all like it! It's one of my favorites right now :)

  4. Great pick as usual Kerry!! I WAS wondering about the Be Awesome font :) Love this one!

  5. Love this! its like XXL calligraphy :)


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