Font Friday: Perla

I'm such a sucker for a good unicase font such as Perla. It's as if it was made for fashion magazines... so stylized and elegant. And look and that lowercase "x"! Not to mention the ampersand - sexy! It's also available in a outline and alternate variants that are on my wishlist. Check out the entire Perla font family here.

We have a new member of the Font Friday posse and her name is Lauren from Palm Papers.  Lauren and I met through Minted and recently I helped her set up her website/blog. She has excellent taste in fonts! And be sure to check out Lauren Elise Crafted, Hank & Hunt, Little Bit Heart, Fourth & Folded, Aerialist Press, and Blush Printables (#FontFriday on Twitter) for more font goodness!


  1. Dang it! This font friday is getting expensive. I was actually looking for this font - but couldn't remember the name and then I was confusing it with Narziss - kind of similar - but this is what i wanted - thanks!
    Now for the big questions... perla reg or perla alt?

  2. Yes, I've made a few purchases from others' Font Friday recommendations! I would get both...and outline. I love them all :)


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