Font Friday: Sweet® Sans

So let's face it sans serifs and even serifs (basically any non-script typefaces) are not the most exciting topics for discussion. But then there's Sweet Sans by MVB Fonts. And I am totally smitten! There is something so yummy about it but I can't quite put my finger on it. It's legible and simple and yet not boring at all.

Here is what MVB Fonts has to say about Sweet Sans:
The family is based on antique engraver’s lettering templates called “masterplates.” Professional stationers use a pantograph to manually transfer letters from these masterplates to a piece of copper or steel that is then etched to serve as a plate or die. This demanding technique is rare today given that most engravers now use a photographic process to make plates, where just about any font will do. But the lettering styles engravers popularized during the first half of the twentieth century—especially the engraver’s sans—are still quite familiar and appealing.
Referencing various masterplates—which typically offer the alphabet, figures, an ampersand, and little else—Mark van Bronkhorst has drawn a comprehensive toolkit of nine weights, each offering upper- and lowercase forms, small caps, true italics, arbitrary fractions, and various figure sets designed to harmonize with text, small caps, and all-caps. The fonts are available as basic, “Standard” character sets, and as “Pro” character sets offering a variety of typographic features and full support for Western and Central European languages.
Though rich in history, Sweet Sans is made for contemporary use. It is a handsome and functional tribute to the spirit of unsung craftsmanship."

At the moment this lovely is still on my wishlist... there are so many varients I don't know how to choose! What do you think: Light or Regular? Which would you get?

Happy #FontFriday everyone! Be sure to check out Lauren Elise Crafted, Hank & Hunt, Little Bit Heart, Fourth & Folded, Aerialist Press, and Blush Printables for more font fun!

image credits: MVB Fonts


  1. I've been looking for a good non-script font to add to my collection, and this just may be it!

  2. Gotta love these clean sans typefaces- especially with a name like that :) I think I'd go Regular... it is hard to decide though!

  3. OOOHHH...LOVING! I especially like the caps!


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