Font Friday: Feel Script

Some people may say it looks just like Monterey but they would be so so so wrong!
If you like swashes, this is the font for you!


I noticed the other day that Feel Script by Sudtipos is on sale (20% off until 11/15) and that got me thinking about how much I love this typeface! Then I realized that I have never done a Font Friday post on it... wtf?! Well, I'm here to rectify the situation. So have I mentioned that I love it? Okay, good. Now go get it!... available at


  1. Pretty pretty pretty...Such a lovely little font! I think I just might need everything that Sudtipos has ever made...

  2. Pretty much love everything about this font! Everything from Sudtipos is just amazing!

  3. Such a classic. I think we get more requests for Feel than just about anything else, except maybe Burgues :) Love the discount too!

  4. this is one of my favorites that I have purchased. I always love when a project I'm working on aligns well with Feel! I think this one be stand the test of time.

  5. ha - we chose the same font! i want this one so bad! love that it's 20% off.

  6. i love using this font! it makes me feel like such a girl :)


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