Font Friday: Kenotaph

Just purchased: Kenotaph

I got a thing for slab serifs but I find it difficult to find a tall slab serif that doesn't look dated, like from the 80's. Maybe that's just me? I think this has a great vintage look but is still modern. Anyway, I saw this lovely and had to buy it... oh, and hello... for only $8 how could anyone pass this up?!
Here's what MyFonts says about it:
This willowy wonder is based on Morris Fuller Benton’s Stymie Obelisk, one in a series of typefaces he designed for American Type Founders in the 1930s. An obvious choice when real estate is at a premium, its classic forms will add just the right amount of punch to any headline it graces. Both versions include complete Latin 1252, Central European 1250 and Turkish 1524 character sets, with localization for Moldovan, Romanian and Turkish.
You can find it right here.

And here is something that totally made my day! I received a lovely thank you e-mail from James T. Edmondson, the creator of Duke (a really awesome font I posted about a while back). This guy has got some skills wouldn't you agree?! But seriously it is I who should be thanking him for doing such awesome work... keep it up!!

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PS. I really hate that I have been neglecting this site and not posting more regularly! I've been super busy with other work (and motherhood)... but please stick with it I promise to return to regular posting! I may even surprise you with a redesign soon...


  1. I'm saying "I die" loudly like Rachel Zoe (wish you could hear me)! I couldn't agree more it's so hard for me to pick a good slab serif, but this one definitely takes the cake. $8...what a steal!

  2. Great pick Kerry! Love that it's 8 bucks too! And that is SO cool, how sweet of him to email you! I feel a little like you posted about a celeb and got a response- guess here on #fontfriday the font designers are our celebrities :) Awesome!

  3. ack! 8 bucks?!?! oh no... not another one... and oh that Thank You calligraphy is just love!

  4. Thanks for the links! I thought I was font obsessed until I found you. Thank you thank you thank you! :)


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