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Maddie the Coonhound is “a super serious project about dogs and physics” by photographer Theron Humphrey.  I'm totally fascinated by this... plus don't you think Maddie looks like one seriously cool dog?!

PS. Happy Leap Year! I always wonder about people who are born on February 29th... seems like it would be a total pain.

photos by Theron Humphrey

New Minted wedding designs - SP '12

I am excited to share with you the five new wedding invitation suites that I recently designed for Minted! All are available in multiple colorways, and of course custom colors as well. Coordinating thank you notes, info cards, labels, and backers too! Click on an image to see the full suite and options...

Beloved Monogram
I was going for a classic look that would appeal to many couples
but decided to keep it fresh with bold names and a fun stamped element.

Color Block
I was really inspired by those great Penguin Books covers.
I wanted something bold and modern but with a subtle 1950's feel.

Harvest Floral
I was inspired by vintage apothecary labels and typography!
I love the mix of fonts... I finally got to use Dear Sarah on something!
Btw, that's my sister and her husband's names!

This is an obvious take off on my Beloved Monogram design that I adapted
for Jewish couples. I love how the verse and the Star of David are perfectly
encompassed within the stamp element.

Woodtype Poster
I had the most fun designing this... I really went for it and pushed my typographic
skills. This has a really fun backer too!
 I think if my husband and I were to get married again today, this would be it :)

Best Dressed: Oscars 2012

Here's my short but sweet Top FIVE list of the Oscars best dressed ladies...

1. Michelle Williams
She can basically do no wrong at this point! The dress was perfect for her!
That poppy color is currently my favorite!
I would have liked to see a sparkly clutch to go with the brooch, though.

 Dress: Louis Vuitton
Image: WireImage

2. Emma Stone
This color was amazing! It complimented her skintone so beautifully!
Loved the big bow and the chunky bracelet... glad she kept it simple with the earrings.

 Dress: Giambattista Valli
Image: WireImage

3. Glenn Close
Loved the structured silhouette! The tuxedo jacket was perfect!
Don't love the evergreen color as much... it actually looked black on my tv.

 Dress: Zac Posen
Image: Getty Images

4. Stacey Keebler
Liquid gold, perfection!
The hair not so much.

 Dress: Marchesa
Image: WireImage

5. Cameron Diaz
Gorgeous! So soft and flowing...
The peach color is a little boring but still, she looks amazing!

 Dress: Gucci
Image: Getty Images

So who were your favorites?

Musical Monday #2

Love this song... it's "1901" by Birdy. I was recently introduced to the music of Birdy by Allison from The Social Type... thanks, Allison! Side note: Birdy is only 15 YEARS OLD. Holy crap! Anyway, hope you all enjoy... And if you have any suggestions for Musical Mondays I would love to hear them, just leave me a comment below!

Font Friday: Kurry

Something about the graceful yet subtle curves of this typeface really strikes my font fancy! It's also quite legible for smaller bits of text which makes it nice and versatile. It's name is Kurry and available from

Check out some of my past picks in my #FontFriday gallery on just click HERE.

images via

Stranded in Canton

A friend recently shared this amazing albeit short video clip by photographer, William Eggleston. I was so intrigued I set out to find out more... The entire video has been restored and a book of stills has been published. The publisher of the book, Twins Palms had this to say...
William Eggleston's pioneering video work, "Stranded In Canton," has been restored and is finally available, almost thirty-five years after it was made. The book contains forty frame enlargements from the digital re-master, a brief appreciation from filmmaker Gus Van Sant, and a DVD of the 77-minute film itself, along with more than thirty minutes of bonus footage and an interview with Mr. Eggleston conducted at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival.
"Shot in 1974 with a Sony Porta-Pak, the crazily careering Stranded in Canton documents a cast of hard-drinking Southerners with the intimacy, ease and instability of a seasoned participants. Whiffs of Southern Gothic are not new to Mr. Eggleston’s work, but here they rise to the surface--fierce, tragic and proud."
–The New York Times
By the way, LOVE Twins Palms! Bought one of my first real fine art photography books from them... a gorgeous book of Disfarmer portraits (unfortunately, I do not have a first edition - I wish!!).

Font Friday: Magpie Paper Works

Lucky you... I could not limit myself to choosing just one font this week! Last week I gave you a little peek at Saissant and today I am happy to announce that it and more lovelies are available for sale from Magpie Paper Works! I'm so smitten with the unique look of both of these. I was actually feeling rather selfish and didn't even want to share these... but I couldn't do that! Do yourself a favor and check out the other gorgeous typefaces from Magpie Paper Works.

Check out some of my past picks in my #FontFriday gallery on just click HERE.

images via

Art Work: Lisa Nilsson

This is mind-blowing! Lisa Nilsson has made these anatomical cross-sections with quilled paper! You need to look at the close-up shots to really appreciate the attention to detail... truly amazing! It takes several weeks to complete each one and she even makes the boxes the works are housed in. Read more about her work HERE.

images via Colossal

Monday Moments : Find Something

I've always loved this quote by Julia Child... and I'm so inspired by her life. If you haven't already, watch Julie & Julia - such a cute movie! Anyway, you can purchase this beautiful print HERE (read the comments). Have a great week!

image by Lindsay Whitehead

Font Friday: Attic

Confession: I'm feeling a woefully out of the loop the past few weeks in regards to Font Friday. Thursday and Friday are my busiest days of the week, so occasionally on those nights blogging is the last thing I want to do. Hand me a glass of wine and I'm done! But enough about that...

A few weeks ago You Work For Them had a fabulous 50% off sale on many of their fonts and I quickly swooped this baby up! There's something really awesome about Attic's chubby little letters!  It's not on sale anymore but still a very reasonable price at $30... Get yours right HERE.

Here's what YWFT has to say about it:
This is about a journey, from humble EPS handset to magical OpenType glory that might even be a bit spooky if it wasn't so darn majestic. This stately YWFT Attic is full of surprises, with gorgeous stylistic alternates and swash features that even Scooby Doo might leap into your arms over, if it wasn't for you meddling kids. Make no mistake, though, there's no Ruh Ro here--in fact there's glyphs in that thar Attic--over 350 of them, each one hand-carved by Maddy Nye, Michael Paul Young and the artisan Brazilian type ninjas at Pintassilgo Prints, known for their vigorous crafting of magical OpenType features.

Tough, demanding and theatrical, yet delicate enough for the most slender chanteuses to catch the Phantom's eye, YWFT Attic packs all of the emotional power of OpenType, with strong, historical handset roots. Sing, my angels. Sing for the Attic.

YWFT Attic was previously known as the handset design, Bucky. The original eps handset Bucky also comes FREE with your purchase of YWFT Attic.

Check out some of my past picks in my #FontFriday gallery on just click HERE.

images via YWFT

Valentine's Day FREE Printable

Hey love birds, Valentine's Day is soon- good excuse for me to whip something up for you as a free printable! ALSO while I am at it... See that lovely calligraphy used for the "Be Mine"? That, my friends, is one of the exquisite new fonts that will be debuting soon from Magpie Paper Works! It's called Saissant... Isn't it gorgeous?! I was lucky enough to be one of a handful of designers to do some beta testing for Jess. Of course I will let you know when these are available for sale... which is soon, I've been promised!

You can download the PDF file for the printable HERE.


I love Futura and I adore this gorgeous animation! It's all in French so I'm kinda lost as to what it's actually saying but it's beautiful nonetheless. Enjoy!

 FUTURA LE SPECIMEN ANIMÉ from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.

Pattern Party #1 : Alyssa Nassner

I recently came across these amazing hand drawn patterns by Alyssa Nassner and was instantly smitten. So beautiful and delightfully whimsical! Click here to visit her website and see more of her inspiring work.

images via Alyssa Nassner
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