Font Friday: Magpie Paper Works

Lucky you... I could not limit myself to choosing just one font this week! Last week I gave you a little peek at Saissant and today I am happy to announce that it and more lovelies are available for sale from Magpie Paper Works! I'm so smitten with the unique look of both of these. I was actually feeling rather selfish and didn't even want to share these... but I couldn't do that! Do yourself a favor and check out the other gorgeous typefaces from Magpie Paper Works.

Check out some of my past picks in my #FontFriday gallery on just click HERE.

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  1. Can't wait to play around with these (and maybe a few others of hers as well!)

  2. These are absolutely stunning!! I need both of them :)

  3. Goody! Love fonts!! Such pretty ones are these!


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