Inspired... Interview with JR Crosby

Just came across this great interview with Ptarmak co-founder, JR Crosby. Love Ptarmak's work (see this post)! Anyway, it's a really interesting interview on  the business of being creative, what inspires him, and more...
"Creatives (and I am one of them) tend to be; anti-authoritarian, supra-sensitive, opinionated, proud (and over-protective) of their discoveries, quirky, self imposed insomniacs, observation junkies, caffeine addicts, frustrated musicians, etc. We are usually walking contradictions; detail-oriented folks who completely lack an attention span – and slaves to a routine we're emphatic about breaking."
So true!! Hop on over to Method & Craft to read much more. Plus if you aren't familiar, it's also a fabulous resource of information and tutorials for creatives!

images via Method & Craft

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