Valentine's Day FREE Printable

Hey love birds, Valentine's Day is soon- good excuse for me to whip something up for you as a free printable! ALSO while I am at it... See that lovely calligraphy used for the "Be Mine"? That, my friends, is one of the exquisite new fonts that will be debuting soon from Magpie Paper Works! It's called Saissant... Isn't it gorgeous?! I was lucky enough to be one of a handful of designers to do some beta testing for Jess. Of course I will let you know when these are available for sale... which is soon, I've been promised!

You can download the PDF file for the printable HERE.


  1. LOVE this! As tempted as I am to download the PDF, it's just inspired me to do a little DIY job myself. Thanks!

  2. thank you and happy valentines to you!!

  3. Lucky duck!!! I saw this when it went up on myfonts and I'm obsessed!


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