Font Friday: Bratislove

From Bratislava with love... I present Bratislove! There isn't much information about this typeface except that it was designed in Bratislava. Well, I was intrigued. "Where the F is that?" I asked myself. Thanks to the mighty internet I found out it's the capitol city of Slovakia! Duh. Anywho, this is a great little font! I especially love the way it looks in smaller sizes and that ampersand is pretty swell too... Bratislove can be purchased HERE.

You can check out some of my latest picks in my #FontFriday gallery on  Just click HERE.

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  1. Yes, I agree with the "where the F is that" question! Glad to know they are cranking out gorgeous fonts, because this one rocks! Great find :)

  2. Awesome find! Loving the Es- and so glad you told us where that was, I was wondering too :)

    PS I just looked at last week's, font lovers DO think alike :)

  3. Cute font! I love the name, and that ampersand is great.


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