Monday Moments: The Grass Is Greener

Happy Monday!
Update: Thanks to Amanda for the proper source of the image! It can be found at You Can't Be Serious and you can request to have a postcard mailed to you... Isn't that awesome?!

Which leads me to an interesting situation... I posted the image after doing about ten minutes of research online. I first spotted the image via Pinterest and then tracked it to a Tumblr site and then to a website. The link to the website was not a specific URL (meaning it took me to the home page). I tried to do a couple of local searches for "quotations", etc. but could not find it. I suppose I should have just given up there, but I felt like the chances were good that it originated from that site. 

ANYWAY, I guess what it boils down to is that I need to rant for just a second about people not pinning or crediting from the proper source! Don't pin (or post) an image that doesn't credit a proper source. When you pin from a blog, pin from the actual post NOT from the home page or a search page. I always try to give credit to the artist because I understand - my "Be Awesome" print has been pinned thousands of times on Pinterest and who knows how many on Tumblr. Hopefully this all makes sense... And, I'm going to do a better job of following my own advice! If you have anything to add to the topic I would love to hear your thoughts!

image via Pinterest


  1. Happy Monday! I thought you should know, that "grass is greener" image is actually from You Can't Be Serious, photographers from Australia: Pinterest can be tricky like that.

  2. Thank YOU for updating the post! I totally understand how frustrating it can be to not know the proper source or worse, to think you do have the proper source and then to realize you don't.


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