Font Friday: Thinaire

Thinaire is not a new typeface but one that I have long admired... And it's on 1/2 OFF right now ($12.50)! Man, I'm such a sucker for these thin hand-drawn typefaces!! 

I love what YouWorkForThem  has to say about it:
Tape hiss nearly obscures the tender chords and barely-whispered voice, singing a shy song that has the coffee house in tears. Yes, indeed, it's YWFT Thinaire, the dreamy nerd that has all the librarians fluttering at the reference desk. Now they're leaping to their feet in applause for its triumphant and sturdy nature--who's shushing now? Yet another masterful handset-to-OpenType conversion by the artful type dodgers at PintassilgoPrints, YWFT Thinaire is so packed with magical Contextual Alternates, you could hire it as a copywriter. We're talking 335 Glyphs of indie-squiggle heroism, with about 90 OpenType extras. Playful, yet poignant; folk with a little tronic, tender with a smidge of skatepunk, YWFT Thinaire is the movie star who still lives at home, and the rock star who still has his paper route. Oh, he's such a nice young man.
Haha! Love the illustrations too... Anyway, you can find it HERE.

images via YouWorkForThem


  1. Love it Kerry ! Thanks !

  2. This has a lot of options with it. I still can't get over the hand drawn fonts right now. And $12? YES!


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