Font Friday: Idlewild

First of all I would like to apologize for the serious lack of posts recently! The big Minted holiday challenge has been going on for the last month; I have been completely engaged in designing holiday cards (more to come on that). Now, on to Font Friday!!

A new font was released this week, Idlewild by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. I know it's not as exciting as a new calligraphy typeface but this one is sure to be seen everywhere and soon... H&FJ are the same folks that brought us Archer in case you had any doubts. 

H&FJ says: 
"For the longest time, we've been reaching for a typeface that wasn't there. We knew it was something spare and tranquil, its letterforms reaching ambitiously outward, and we could hear it speaking in hushed but captivating tones. We imagined it as industrious, combining space-age optimism with the confidence and composure of a master craftsman. We could see the typeface among the realm of satisfying things, objects designed not merely to be used but to be enjoyed: a well-balanced knife, a performance engine; the tool that fits the hand just so. ... That rarest of type families, Idlewild is a design whose distinct personality manages to embolden, not overwhelm, its surroundings."
It's $99 for 5 weights: Thin, Light, Book, Medium, and Bold. You can buy it HERE.

PS. You can check out some of my latest picks in my #FontFriday gallery on  Check 'em out HERE.

Images by Hoefler & Frere-Jones


  1. Love love love! And not a bad price either!

  2. Oh goodness gracious. I love love love this one, that description is fantastic!


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