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I thought it would be fun to share with you what skincare products I am currently using... Not that anyone has really asked, but I do have some favorites! I am a skincare and makeup junkie so I have tried a lot of stuff. For most of my adult life I have had normal to oily skin but as I get older I need to get serious about anti-aging! I used to buy a zillion drugstore products hoping to find one that actually did what it promised... well, I'm here to tell you not to waste your money. Spend it on the good stuff and you will be happy! Anyway, without further ado here are my must have skincare products:

I use this at night with my Clarisonic (in the morning I just rinse with luke warm water). I can't really attest to the anti-aging properties of a cleanser (seems a little counter-intuitive to me) but I can tell you my skin feels great after I wash. It's clean but not tight or dry feeling and just has a nice healthy glow.

Just like pretty much anyone who has ever used one of these... I looove it! It makes my skin look and feel great. Polished but not raw. Healthy! I use the deep pore cleansing brush heads too. Definitely worth the investment... Or in my case, leaving not so subtle hints for the husband as to what he could get me for our anniversary!

I'm using this as a twice daily moisturizer for my neck and d├ęcolletage. What I love about it is that it feels great and smells great too. And it's non-greasy which is crucial for me... I hate feeling greasy!

I can't use a moisturizer on my face every night or I would breakout big time. Instead of a moisturizer on my face I use this. It makes my skin feels amazing! It comes with these pads that have some roughness to them so there is a bit of exfoliation too. It's supposed to even out skintone, diminish dark spots, scars, etc. and I feel like it's definitely done that for me.

I started out years ago using the regular All About Eyes cream but when this came out I new I had to try it and I wasn't disappointed. See, while I don't really use moisturizers on my face I slather it on my eyes... and actually I've been slathering on eye cream since my early twenties. I think my eye area looks pretty darn good too! Anyway, it's very rich but not greasy. It lasts forever and doesn't have any fragrance to it unlike some other creams (ahem, Lancome).

Every few weeks I use these pads nightly for 4 - 5 days. I wish I could afford to use them more often but actually this seems to be enough for me. This is pretty strong stuff so if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend it. I feel like it gives my skin a healthy glow and of course reduces fine lines.

Anyway, there you have it! The stuff I like to put on my face... My skin has been looking pretty great since I started using this combination of products, if I do say so myself! Maybe next time I will share with you what's in my makeup bag!

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  1. Great picks! I use nearly-everything Aveda and have great results with my fair skin but I'm always on the lookout for new ideas! {A}


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