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And hello Blog Lovin'! In case you haven't heard, maybe you've been living under a rock somewhere, Google Reader will be no more come Monday, July 1st. You can still import everything you were following on it to Blog Lovin. There are other blog reader options but this just happens to be the one I use...

Of course you can always stay up to date with Super Swoon postings on Facebook and Twitter (although sometimes I forget to post there - oops!).

Font Friday: Dear Joe Hannes

While working on Minted holiday designs I discovered a new calligraphy font that I absolutely adore! I used it in several of my submissions... It's called dearJoeHannes and it comes from JOEBOB graphics foundry. I just love all the great opentype features which give it very unique brush script look.

You can purchase it at MyFonts.Com and while you're there you can check out some of my previous picks in my Font Friday gallery.

Font Friday: Mr. Lucky

This week's Font Friday pick is a super fun hand-drawn style font called Mr Lucky. It's got a lot of font variation to give that unique hand-drawn look that is so popular right now. Check it out...

Mr Lucky is Mr Happy's slab brother and a hand-drawn narrow typeface.
You can layer different styles over the background style to achieve lots of colorful effects. Use just one style to get a single color letter or set Fill over Background or Stripped Background to get a two color mode.
Mr Lucky has upper and lowercase characters with up to three alternate glyphs and special alternate uppercase diacritics. Built in OpenType Contextual Alternates feature will automatically set alternate glyphs depending on frequency of appearance of the same character (even in web font but only in HTML5 browsers). The script doesn’t throw random glyphs. For example in the word “HIPPOPOTAMUS” you will automatically get three different “P” glyphs and two “O” glyphs. It really works great but of course you can always fine tune it by hand.

You can purchase Mr. Lucky at and it's 50% off until June 30th!

Minted Challenge: 'Oh What Fun' holiday

It's that time of year again... Minted's big, big, BIG holiday challenge is going on right now! The amount of beautiful designs is staggering (and intimidating)! The first place award is $8000 which would buy whole bunch of fonts, if you know what I mean!! Aside from the prize money the royalties from holiday sales can be a nice chunk of change too. As you might imagine it can be a challenge to get into the holiday spirit in the middle of summer, but this year I was really enjoying myself and I think it shows - but I'll let you be the judge!

And speaking of judging... How would you like to do this designer a solid and rate some of my designs? I would be ever so grateful! And while you're there please consider rating some other designs. Are you sick of chalkboard or folksy florals? Tell Minted - they need to know what consumers want to buy for Holiday 2013!

Here are my designs (just click on the links below to rate the designs)...

Paper Dahlia - Oh What Fun (2) by Paper Dahlia, see more holiday cards
Clockwise from top left:

Paper Dahlia - Oh What Fun (1) by Paper Dahlia
Clockwise from top left:

Paper Dahlia - Oh What Fun (4) by Paper Dahlia
Clockwise from top left:

Paper Dahlia - Oh What Fun (3) by Paper Dahlia
Clockwise from top left:

Phew!! That was a lot of work... but lots of fun! In a few months I hope to be able to announce that most of these lovelies will be available for sale at Minted. Stay tuned, friends! And wish me luck :)

If it's easier you can do a sort by designer and then just look for Paper Dahlia (

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