Art Work: Busymockingbird

I'm really enjoying the work of illustrator and graphic artist, Mica Angela Hendricks (aka Busymockingbird). She collaborated with her 4 year old daughter on these wonderful illustrations. So quirky and fun, and kinda creepy too!

Here's what she says about the work:
These are collaborative paintings by my 4-year old daughter and me. I start by quietly drawing a vintage, retro head (which I love doing). Next step: My daughter (who LOVES to draw) hastily snatches my sketchbook from me and draws a body and sometimes additional characters. Later, I go back and add highlights and details in acrylic paint, colored ballpoint pen, and marker. Together, they create a beautiful well as an exercise in patience (on both our parts).
You can purchase her work on Society6... check it out!

images via Society6

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