The Photo Man

I've been an admirer of found photos for a long time, often using them in my personal artwork. For me there is something very compelling about found photos that I can't really put into words other than to say I'm fascinated by them... so when I came across this short film, "The Photo Man" by Ben Kitnick, I immediately understood the connection the subject, Mark Kologi, has with the photos and the people in them.

Take a look at the film, it's pretty wonderful...

And if you're interested in found photos you need to visit the Look At Me, a treasure trove of found photos. Here a few of my favorites...

Personal note: I used a found photo from this site as our holiday card seven years ago (see above). I photoshopped our faces onto the people in the photo. And added our dog in the background.  Everyone loved the card but some people wondered when I had bleached my hair, LOL.


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  1. love your photoshopped version!! so cute.


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